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          Zibo Hengsen refractory Co., Ltd.

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                 Zibo Hengsen refractory Co., Ltd. is a modern management enterprise with considerable scale. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 international system certification and has a production history of more than 20 years. In recent years, through continuous reform and development, technological innovation, and the continuous increase of new varieties, the company has been selling well all over the country, which is well received by users!

                The company has domestic advanced tunnel kiln production line, advanced equipment, strong technical force, complete testing equipment, a large number of professionals, product quality to the advanced level in China. It mainly produces high alumina refractory brick, cast steel brick, flow steel brick, coke oven cylinder brick, clay brick, special high alumina brick, blast furnace high alumina brick, cordierite push plate brick, heavy furnace door brick, cordierite light furnace door brick, clay fire mud, medium and high temperature silicon fire mud, clay and high alumina dense refractory castable, aluminum phosphate and phosphate combined wear-resistant brick, low fire mud castable, blast furnace iron making use Ramming material, high-strength refractory castable, low air hole brick, corundum ball, clinker sand and processing various special-shaped bricks.

                 In the future, Zibo Hengsen refractory Co., Ltd. will strengthen the reform, march forward to the goal of updating technology, manufacture products before surpassing, and serve the society. Here, the company's staff to the new and old friends, sincerely welcome people from all walks of life and new and old friends to visit the guidance or call letter to discuss business!

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          聯系人: 司經理 139-0533-5780
                          楊經理 185-6082-3197